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Application guidelines

Helpful hints when completing your application.

Step 1: Before you begin

Please read our funding criteria to ensure your organisation is eligible.

Download these application questions to help you prepare your application.

Step 2: Tell us your details

About your organisation

It's important you include your organisation's Charities Commission number because we give funds only to registered charities.

Contact people

All contact people must belong to or be employed by the applicant organisation and have the authority to answer any questions we may have eg chairperson, manager.

We require a second contact person in case we can't get hold of the main contact and prefer you to include cell phone numbers where possible to make it easy for us to contact everyone.


Your referee should be someone who knows your organisation and is happy to be contacted by us. The referee must be external or independent of your charity.

Support from an ANZ Staff Foundation staff member

Your application will be given preference if it's submitted with the support of an ANZ staff member who belongs to the Staff Foundation.

Tip: If you need to find an ANZ Staff Foundation member to support your application, please ask in your local branch. If you can't find an ANZ staff member to support your application then please advise us before you submit your application and we'll endeavour to connect you with a suitable employee.

Step 3: Tell us why you need funding

Keep in mind that the purpose of this application form is to tell us:

  • What you want to do with the grant
  • What impact it will have
  • How this fits with our objectives.

Total cost of your project

  • If you're seeking a contribution from the Foundation toward a larger project, please tell us if you have raised other money and, if so, how much.
  • The maximum amount a charity can request for funding is $25,000 per funding round.

Note: The Foundation will not provide funding to an organisation who has received a grant from the Foundation in the previous 12 months.

How will you measure the success of this project?

We're interested in a short description of any process you have in place that will demonstrate the success of the project. This might be as simple as explaining what you expect will change as a result of the funding and how.

Cost breakdown

If you require funds for a range of items, we would like to see a breakdown of the cost for each. For example, if there is a per-person or per-unit cost, please show the individual cost and total amount.

Audited accounts

If you're applying for $10,000 or more, please provide your most recent audited accounts.

If you're applying for less than $10,000, please provide a copy of your most recent set of annual financial accounts signed by your Chairperson and a Chartered Accountant registered with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

All accounts must be no older than six months at the time the funding round closes. If your accounts are outside this date range you will also need to supply your year to date management accounts.

Step 4: Sign off and requirement to confirm use of funds

Requirement to confirm use of funds within six months

If your application is successful we require that your organisation provides written confirmation (by email or letter) to the Foundation within six months of receiving the funds that the money has been spent in accordance with the purpose noted in your application. An extension to this timeframe will be granted only in exceptional circumstances.


Successful applicants may be contacted to share information about the impact the funding has made for possible use in ANZ media releases, newsletters etc.

Surplus funds

If you don't use the funds within six months of the receipt of your grant, the Foundation requires that you return the money in full.

If you end up not using all the funds you receive, the Foundation requires that you return any surplus funds exceeding $300.

Disclaimer: please note that we reserve the right and have complete discretion to

(i) refuse an application; and
(ii) withhold the payment of any money (notwithstanding that an application has been successful).

List of questions

Download these application questions. (PDF 181kB).

Contact us

For more information phone 09 252 6563 or email

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1 January - 15 February, and 1 July - 15 August.